Digital Training and Development

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Digital Learning & Development Platform

Vedific grants the learners access to training material 24/7. It's a centralized training platform and puts all the learning materials in one portal so that an employer does not need to search through many different systems or portals or websites. It’s a convenient and secure way of delivering training to employees. They can learn at their own pace and revisit the courses if they feel the need to reinforce learning.

Live Stream Corporate Events

Live stream your corporate events with Vedific. Our technology infrastructure ensures that your audience receives seamless live streaming on any device with a high level of concurrency at any scale.

Live & Virtual Training

A virtual classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants and engage with resources in work groups. It is an affordable and highly flexible solution to train remote employees or partners. Learners can save money by not having to worry about travel expenses. Participants also save time since all that is needed is an internet connection.


Highly Interactive Whiteboard

  • Use PPTs, DOCs, Videos
  • Write, draw, mark on the whiteboard
  • Draw graphs and charts

Real-Time Video Conferencing

  • HD quality
  • No Latency

Real-Time Interactions

  • Hand-raise
  • Live chat – group or personal chat
  • Live polls and screen sharing

Auto-Recording and Publishing

  • All training sessions get recorded and published in training portal automatically

Corporate Video Tube

Deploy YouTube type video portals for internal employees or even for the public for corporate communication, knowledge sharing, promoting corporate culture and idea sharing.


Easy Management

From admin to managing roles and permission to privileges, easy enrolment options like self-enrolments, bulk enrolment, course creations and publishing all very intuitive and easy to manage.


It makes easier for training administrators to streamline processes and achieve efficiencies that they wouldn't be able to do on their own. With automation, one administrator can manage tasks across thousands of learners. It can be an integrated HR software that automatically enrolls new students on your LMS, automates webinar sign-ups or even the automatic assignment of courses to specific user groups.

Group Management

It can manage hierarchy as per your need. You can group learners according to specific criteria, like department or class and assign learners courses and themes based on their specific learning needs. This allows for the mass assignment of courses, which saves time and energy.

Easy Course Creation and Management

We help you to create the best eLearning experience for your employees. It offers easy and intuitive course management. You can choose multiple course creation templates.

Supports All Types of Content

Supports all type of content – Video content, Assignments, Certificates, Chat, Feedback, Forums, Glossary, Interactive content, Questionnaire, Quiz, Scorm package, Survey, Wiki, Book, File, Folder, Page, Embed URLs.

Certificates and Badges

Manage and track all certification and retraining activities across your organization.


Boost engagement, completion and scores by applying gamification to learning activities. Increase engagements and retention with the use of elements like points, awards, badges, leader boards and contests.


Fully customizable notifications in your app or web delivered to your inbox. Automatic alerts for information on new course assignments or new learning content as per interest.

SSO (Single Sign-On) Between LMS and HRIS

Secure access with multiple Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication methods. With SSO you enter just one ID or it can be easily accessible via a tab on your HRIS/CRM dashboard.

Easy Deployments

We offer deployments on either cloud or on-premise deployments as per your need.